What actually is a freshener?

The freshener is an air filter with a nice aroma; it makes you feel cosy, no matter where you are – your car, your home, etc... Now we have the opportunity to make a freshener just for you, the exact shape and colour without changing the value of the product. We use an offset printing technique and the minumum order should be at least 1000 pieces.

You want your own freshener? What should you do?

All you have to do is to send us the information ( the logo, address, phone number, slogan and so on). We will do our best in order to make the best design for you and then will show it up. If there are some other changes depending on your requirements, again they will be fulfilled until you approve the desing for the production. The orders are delivered packeged for a longer, nice smell and also with a thin piece of thread for hanging them on easily.

Why shoul I make an air freshener?

AROMATIZATORI.BG , provides you with an excellent opportunity for a real ad with catchy and nice-smelling fragrances. The nice scents will represent your company and also will remain in the minds of your dear customers. The pleasent aroma makes people feel relaxed and charges them with a positive energy and mood. It is scientifically proven that aromas have a real strong influence on our bodies. Nowadays the best example of this is the therapy with different kinds of aromas.

Why an AD?

Actually the ad is a system of components that help you promote and make the public pay attention and get interested in a specific product. The advertisement increases the profitability, competitiveness and life-time of your company